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Death Comes As the End

[action, all around town]
[She stands atop Makeout Point and looks down at the town, cloak rippling in the breeze as she hefts her sword behind her.  ...Mostly for dramatic effect.  There was something strange happening, as there always was.  Souls were vanishing at an increasing rate, people were dying in droves.  And yet... reappearing.  Sometimes intact.  Sometimes not.  Flickering in and out.  Sluggish.  What in the world did this all mean?

Edward was dead.  Luke was gone.  There was a ticking timer on her own head, she knew, but so long as she was alive, there were things to be done.

A snap of the fingers and she is in the hospital, watching the doctors and nurses, drone and townsperson alike, rushing about treating the steady influx of the injured and the dying.  She broadens her mind and notes the presence of a few patients with some regret.  Perhaps she would drop by to speak with them.

Another snap and she is at the front gates, at the point where the souls reappeared most often.  This was where those who returned from surgery were brought.  ...There was nothing to mark how they managed to get here, and no one could positively identify the location of this 'factory' which Dr. Johnson operated from.

A third snap and she is by the dairy.  ...The door is locked, once again.  She doubted very much if there was anyone inside working on this fabled revival machine.

A snap and she is in Ukraine's house.  Nina's house.  Caesar's house.  Lyon's house.  Ai's house.  Annie's house.  Mart's house.  All those whom she would defend.  She takes stock of those who are missing, those who are dead.  She lingers beside those who still remain alive, wondering if she ought to make herself known.  ...Perhaps she does.  For Susan is certain, as she is certain of all things, that she is making her final rounds.  Remembering the future was a handy trick to have... And there was no future for her past tonight.

A last snap and she is in her Grandfather's house.  She doesn't bother making herself unseen.  Perhaps they are at home.  Perhaps not.]

[action, Makeout Point]
[She is atop Makeout Point again.  The moon is high in the sky and from here, she can see everything.  Every aspect of the world that she has dedicated herself to defending.  She has certainly faced Death before, many times, in more ways than one could possibly imagine.  ...In a jolly red Hogfather suit, for example.  But the thought of finality... Did it really change things all that much?

Death was death.  She had never taken it less than completely seriously.  All the risks she had taken in the past - They were not because she knew death was not the end, but because it was exactly what she would have done even had death been the end.  Susan did not do anything by halves.

She turns away, takes a few steps towards the path back home.

And finds herself abruptly on the ground.

She faces a scraggly weed, her body wracked with so much pain that it is unimaginable.  She had forgotten how it felt.  Not the pain... The humiliation.  The torture of being completely helpless, lying like a worm that could hardly even squirm.  She is grateful only that she cannot actually see her detached limbs.  Her legs, she felt, were almost certainly several feet behind her.  From the moment the injuries had begun recurring on the townspeople, she had expected this to happen.  But it didn't lessen the excruciation any.

She gasps as a fish would gasp for air.  She shudders, shoulders heaving, for she can move nothing else.  Exhale.  Inhale.  Every motion intensified the pain one hundred fold.  What was it he had said?  You have to want release...]   


[Quickly.  Before anyone else can see.  I'm so sorry to ask this of you...

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