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Susan Sto Helit ([personal profile] inthebones) wrote in [community profile] mayfield_rpg2012-01-27 11:24 pm

A Conversation

[action, locked to Slugger]
[A day after the untimely demise of her husband, Susan sits at her desk, tapping a pen, ostensibly grading papers.  The play was a no-go, of course, that was obvious.  There were more important things to worry about at this point than whatever reason she had concocted for forcing her students into that travesty of a performance (alright, there had been a good reason, but it was largely inconsequential now).

With a sudden sigh, she pushes her chair away from her desk, snaps her fingers, and appears in front of wherever her son happens to be.]


We should talk.

As you all know, the revival machine is broken, and everyone is dying left and right from old injuries.  If you happen to prefer a dignified death over bleeding slowly like a stuck pig, I believe there are a few of us who can assist you in that regard.

Grandfather.  Didi.  Is it fair to say this is something we can do?

Don't call back unless you require said service.  I'm a bit busy with my own brand of bleeding like a stuck pig.

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