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A Conversation

[action, locked to Slugger]
[A day after the untimely demise of her husband, Susan sits at her desk, tapping a pen, ostensibly grading papers.  The play was a no-go, of course, that was obvious.  There were more important things to worry about at this point than whatever reason she had concocted for forcing her students into that travesty of a performance (alright, there had been a good reason, but it was largely inconsequential now).

With a sudden sigh, she pushes her chair away from her desk, snaps her fingers, and appears in front of wherever her son happens to be.]


We should talk.

As you all know, the revival machine is broken, and everyone is dying left and right from old injuries.  If you happen to prefer a dignified death over bleeding slowly like a stuck pig, I believe there are a few of us who can assist you in that regard.

Grandfather.  Didi.  Is it fair to say this is something we can do?

Don't call back unless you require said service.  I'm a bit busy with my own brand of bleeding like a stuck pig.
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[She will find Slugger in the backyard... digging a large hole in the dirt with a shovel. He's just pressed the blade of the shovel into the cold, hard earth again when Susan's voice captures his attention.

Pausing, he reluctantly lifts his head.]

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[Leaving his shovel stuck in the ground, he takes a step up out of the hole and starts toward the house, his head held low. Slugger doesn't yet know what this talk will entail, but already he doesn't like it.]
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[His fears confirmed, he answers without looking her in the eye. The words come out stunted, as though his communication skills have regressed in the past 12 hours.]

Dead. Last night. Outside the bank...
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[Slugger breathes a shuddering breath. Even in the face of what he'd clearly done, Susan wasn't angry with him. It doesn't stop the guilt-laden words from pouring out of his mouth.]

I didn't want to! But-- but he was suffering, I had to!

...I had to release him.
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[He follows, significantly calmer after his brief confession to Susan. He's able to meet and hold her gaze now as she speaks. After losing his best friend and killing Edward, his face appears drained, the shadows somewhat darker beneath his eyes, but he isn't crying.]

I don't know. Maybe a few could slip out.
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[He's not sure about that. And he's uncertain whether he wants it to be true or not. Was it horribly selfish to want them back even if it meant keeping them here? Probably. Most definitely.

Putting up no resistance, Slugger drops easily into the chair where he sits watching Susan go through the cabinets.]
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Not as much as you'd think.

[Either the majority of residents in Mayfield had become so accustomed to fear and pain that they'd lost the ability to panic or Slugger's senses had been dulled by his vacillating headaches, though he'd certainly felt Edward's distress loud and clear the other night.]

They have to want to escape. They have to want to give up. That's when I hear them.
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[Slugger accepts the mug with a nod of thanks, then sits idly stirring it before taking a sip. Susan's waning pallor hasn't escaped his notice.]

It is. ...Are you okay?
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[An inexplicable sense of dread slowly washes over him. Before giving her a response, he sips heavily from the mug, taking his time. Then, setting it aside, he will take a deep breath and finally raise his head to meet her gaze.]

Yes, Miss Susan?
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[As she speaks, an obvious pout forms on his face, which Slugger becomes aware of at some point before she finishes and bites his lip. He doesn't want to do it... but he also doesn't want her to relive it. And he, especially, doesn't want to see her like that again.

Finally, after some quiet consideration, he gives a subtle nod. He would do it because it was what she wanted and he could trust her to be sure of her decisions.]
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[She has his word.]

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[A single nod. He's relieved for the change of subject that follows.]

Pokey told you about him?
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[A weak smile passes briefly over his face. Those were the good old days when Pokey was alive and not buried in the backyard. He prepares to say something more on the subject of Giygas and his powers but then realizes it doesn't matter -- everyone's going to be dead soon, anyway. Except him.]