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I - [John Doe park]

[Byakuren Hijiri does not get mad often. In fact, it's actually pretty hard to make her mad, with the exception of managing to hurt her precious girls from the temple. Today, however, has managed that terrible feat. Because someone, incredibly, is pissed off. If you manage to encounter her at the park, you'll probably get an eyeful of lasers lighting up the sky and/or an incredibly charred and chipped tree, somewhere in the secluded back. Being at least wise about her "karma levels," she decides to avoid the phonelines for the day--as well as everyone else, if she could. Instead she's taking her frustrations out on the tree, which is oddly close to falling over...from large hunks taken off its side. She has been kicking and punching the bark off of the tree.

She never really knew her father well, not at all. She knew he died when she and her brother were just small children...but it was just that. What had been going on? What was this 'celebration of fathers' going on? For whatever reason, she'd found herself trying to go out of her way for her not!son's drone that morning. She tried to help him out of his destructive habits, but she'd normally never go that far. Something was up with her, and she knew it. But she really didn't need the town shoving it down her throat. Hooray dads. Hooray brothers.

Hooray brothers..

Today I will...allow myself this. [She sniffles. It seems she's been crying a bit.] Once and never again. This has...gone on for far too long...

II - 335 Brady
[If anyone wants to find her after that? She's pretty much locked herself up in her bedroom's closet, completely silent. Eugh.]

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