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Susan Sto Helit ([personal profile] inthebones) wrote in [community profile] mayfield_rpg2012-06-04 08:51 pm

Something Wicked This Way Comes

[Being the granddaughter of the Cheerful Fairy could be very difficult at times. ...Enough said.]


Oh, don't let's all be so on edge.  We have enough trouble without everyone being absolutely horrid to each other for no good reason whatsoever.  That reminds me - Do you all know what my grandmother always told me when I was young?  Yes, that's right.

Whiskers on kittens and brown paper, er... chickens.
Bright blue bananas and
... and... aluminum mittens oh, no mittens was in the previous line
Enemas given to quite sore behinds
These are a few of my favorite
... No, stop, I got confused with lines; that was supposed to rhyme with 'things'.  Let's begin again.

[This continues for about ten minutes before Susan finally stops singing.]

Oh, forget the song.  The point is, come now, there's no reason we can't all be friends!  It's a lovely summer day outside.  Who wants to join me for a rousing game of hopscotch?  I'll bake cookies~

[action, 726 Anderson]
Luke!  Slugger!  Edward!

It's time for our weekly game of charades!  I've prepared an entirely new set of clues; everything from 'small child receiving a pat on his head from his favorite great-aunt' to 'dancing on rooftops with chimney sweeps'.  It will be great fun; oh, I simply couldn't sleep last night thinking about it!

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