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☆ 1 - And you may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful house

A) 1445 Mitchell Road - Morning

[So, this isn't his house. And these aren't his pajamas. (Nice though-- he might just keep them.) And he actually had gone to sleep in his own bed the night before, semi-rare occurence as that was, so it seems particularly strange. Everything is all very familiar though; he'd been in a million houses just like it, it could fit in easily in any one of his suburbs.

... The picture on the night stand though? The one of him with an attractive woman who had only the vaguest familiarity about her? In a wedding dress? That was new.]

Now what in the heck is this business?

B) Around Town - Early Afternoon

[Well as long as he's here, he might as well scope out the town. See what's cool, and all that. It's strange-- he's definitely sure the town is one of his, but he can't place it at all. Actually, he can't really place anything at all.]
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And have an American citizen too! Action B

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Jesus, Al it's you! Lord, I thought you were droned!
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Re: :D

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Droned! You got droned by the town. Don'tcher remember?
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Ya don't...

...has anyone told ya 'bout this town yet?
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OK. I'm gonna tell ya a few things that are gonna sound crazy, but ya hafta believe me, alright?

This place is called Mayfield, and it's a prison that keeps us all stuck in here. The people who run this place run it like it's a 1950's neighbourhood, an' alla us are supposed ta follow the rules they set us. We gotta act like we're in the 1950s, which means that I git allocated a house ta be a "dad" in, an' I've got other housemates that are forced ta be the other members of the family; the "mom", the "kids" and the "pets".
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Well, that's the thing. We're all taken from different years. For you it's the 1950s, but for me it's the 1960s. No one can leave Mayfield because there's probably a machine that loops the town; ya try an' leave one way, ya end up walkin' back into town from the other side.