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[A - Action; around town

Are you on Len's paper route? If so, you just might see one of these flyers pasted up when you go out to collect your newspaper:

WHEN: Next Saturday, March 17
WHERE: 947 Beulah - look for the spaceship!

For the first time together in Mayfield, the Kagamine twins will be performing live in concert!!
You won't want to miss this!!

If you're up early enough, you might be able to catch him before he heads out on his way]

[B - Phone]

♪ Hey~ I hope you'll be coming to Rin's and my concert next weekend!
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Around town

[personal profile] hardhat_truckie 2012-03-11 12:12 pm (UTC)(link)
[Engie's heading off to work early today. Still very sleepy though, he pulls open the door...

...only to be hit smack on the head with a newspaper.]
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Re: Around town

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Y-yeah, I think I am...

[Engie rubs his head and grins sheepishly.]

G'mornin' to ya too.
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[And that's when Engie realises exactly who he's talking to. The grin on his face becomes warmer.]

I'm an Engineer; it's mah job ta fix things.
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Nice ta meet'cher Len. An' don't think nothin' of it, we all gotta help each other.

A concert? Well, that sounds real nice. Is it the one in this here flyer?
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Jus' Engie's fine, s'what everyone back home called me.

Well, I'm sure ya can sing jus' fine, human or not, s'long as ya practice hard. What were ya before this though?