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1st Hatred - Welcome to Mayfield

[Wanyudo wakes up. That's the first sign something is wrong.

The fact he is in a bed is the second.

Looking around, he closes his eyes and focuses on returning home. Nothing happens. He feels weird. Wrong. He can't return, though, and he can't change. Both of those things bother him and he sits up in bed and frowns. The room has pictures. Including him and a lovely young woman. Oh, and a couple of kids as well.

Moving from the bed, he goes to the closet, noting the clothes before picking out an outfit and snagging a classy hat. Well, he's dressed and his head is covered. The clothes fit at least.

This didn't look like Japan, so the next order of business was figuring out where. Walking over to the phone, picking it up and trying to dial information.]

[Phone | Everyone]

[An older man's voice comes over the phone.]

Hello? Information?

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Information? I can tell ya what I know stranger, but ya ain't gonna like it.
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[Engie then proceeds to tl;dr about Mayfield, concerning all of that necessary things people need to know; eg. that they're stuck here, don't drink the milk, household arrangements, and the monthly events the town pulls.]
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...Ai? I think I met her once last year sometime durin' October. Are you her grandpa?
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Then she'll be glad ta see ya. Poor girl looks like she's been through a lot, what with all her talk about Hell an' sufferin'. Lord knows this town ain't easy on the adults, I dunno how the kids handle it. It'll be good fer her ta have someone from home, jus' ta be there when times git bad.
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A pleasure ta meet'cher Wanyudo. Ya ever need anythin' that needs fixin', jus' call fer Engie an' I'll see what I can do.