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Mayfield 47: Behold Nimrod the Mighty Hunter

(As a teenager, Harold David Mundy was living a double life: on one hand, he was an obedient son, getting top marks in preparation to becoming a doctor like his father wanted because his parents were convinced that he was too scrawny and fragile for the physically demanding jobs; on the other, he was sneaking out to spend weekends in the bush trying to prove to himself that he could handle himself just fine.

This would have only been a footnote in the Sniper's life if he'd stuck to cooking his own meals, but he'd grown lazy again and started eating what the drone wife put on the table.

Long story short, there's now a grown man in tribal facepaint wearing nothing but a loincloth skulking about in your back yard. And he's even worse at being stealthy than he would be otherwise.

At least he isn't armed at all this time.)
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[Benjamin Williamson is a shy, timid bookworm. In fact when he hears the noises in his backyard, the first thing he does is lock the back door. Peeping through the window, he peers carefully, looking for the source of the sound...]
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[Oh. That guy actually...looks really funny. But Engie's still a bit nervous, so he'll call out from the window tentatively:]

H-howdy. What are ya doin' out there, stranger?
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[Engie blinks as he tries to put his memories in order. He didn't know anyone called..."Sniper", did he?]

S...Sniper? That you?
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Y-you sure!? Ya wanna go fishin' with, with me?

[He sounds very surprised, and happy.]

Yes, yes I'd like that! I don't have any fishing rods, but I can make'em! We can go fishing together!
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OK! Jus'...jus' gimme a few minutes ta make one. Ya wanna come in in the mean time? It won't take me long, but it's gotta be cold not wearin' much out in the open like that.
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[He blinks in confusion. Parents? Oh yeah, momma would probably not be happy about it, and dad...dad might get angry.

You don't want dad to get angry.]

OK. I'll be back as soon as possible!

[And Engie rushes over to the garage. He works mainly with metal, but that doesn't mean he doesn't leave a few pieces of wood lying about just in case. In ten minutes he's made himself a decent fishing rod and ran out to join his friend.]

Alright, I got it! We can go now.
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Sure! Whatever you wanna do Sniper. I've...I've never fished before though. Is that ok?
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[And Engie will just follow him to that spot. He's definitely excited as he asks Sniper for tips on how to fish.]