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Touma Kamijou ([personal profile] punch_illusions_get_harem) wrote in [community profile] mayfield_rpg2012-02-28 01:12 am
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10th Broken Illusion

[ Neutron Diner : After School ]
[ Phase 3 of Plan "avoid everyone you dated and/or made out with around Valentine's Day"? Continue to show up to your crappy part-time fry cook job after classes let out, every day, despite not really liking it all that much.

Clearly the one place one would never find him is the very same place he would be expected to be found. Something about hiding in plain sight?

Honestly, he just needs the distraction at this point. There's still a lot going on in his mind and the less he talks to others about it, the more it eats at him. Maybe once he's done here he'll head home and hit the phones, or go walking. This should be done in person... ]

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