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016 Starry Starry Night

[A: Mayfield Elementary (Open to All)]

[Cain had taken his lunch into the music room so he could practise while he ate; or at least, that had been the plan... But when he opened up his brown bagged lunch, he quickly discovered (by putting his fingers right into the filling) that the wrapping around his sandwiches had split sometimes in the morning. Making a face and waggling his hand to try and get the sandwich off his fingers, it finally came unstuck with and... unfortunately... flew through the open window. Were you playing innocently outside? Eating your own lunch? Well, now you've got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on your head. Whoops.]

[B: Around Town (Open to All)]

[Cain is going into a variety of rather odd shops today, or odd for a small boy. He might have stolen some money from Abel that morning (sorry bro) and is on a shopping spree! He's got himself a little pull cart full of odds and ends - a canvas, some squishy looking bags, food, pans, and some warm sweaters. What on Earth is he doing with all of this? And did he just run over your foot with his cart?]

[C: Phone (Filtered to Lucifer)]

I regained a book I thought might be interesting to you, if you'd like to come over then you can borrow it. I remember you have a penchant for poetry, this is a book of politically themed poems from history.

[D: Phone (Filtered to Beast Boy)]

About... About Valentine's Day... [No. No, it's too hard. Sorry, Beast Boy, he just goes awkwardly silent after that.]

[E: Phone (Filtered to Esther)]

Esther? I wondered if we could talk... please. [He's not going to pry for information behind Abel's back, but he needs to talk to her or this will just keep looming over his head and he won't find any peace.]

[F: 1648 Albright Lane (Closed to Abel)]

[Having got all his shopping, Cain ninjas it into the garage before it can be seen, before looking for his brother. He's not a fool, he knows Abel has probably been following him around the town and has seen his purchases already, but he's keeping up the pretence that he doesn't know and isn't taking comfort from Abel stalking him.

It's been a week now since... everything... and he can practically feel the tension still inside both of them. Raw and hurt, a pain that neither of them knew how to soothe and both wanted to desperately. It's why he had come to a decision to do something fun and light-hearted for just the two of them, something he had always wanted to do...]
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[Engie's wiping the windows of the bakery when he sees the boy with the cart. Taking a moment to stop, he waves and greets Cain cheerfully:]

Mornin'! Well ain't'cher a busy bee Cain? Doin' some chores for the folks in your house?
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Do they go camping in the snow in Texas? OTL

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Campin'? In this weather?

[Engie does express surprise, and some concern.]

Ya might catch a cold Cain. It's still pretty chilly out here.
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Well, if y'all sure 'bout it...make sure ta pack a hotwater bottle too, if ya have any.

Who ya goin' campin' with? Some friends a'yours?
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That's sweet of ya. He's lucky ta have a lil' brother like y'self ta spend time with.

Do ya need anythin' from the bakery? Like bread or somethin'?
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Well, there's some cake that come out not too long ago. I think they're still fresh. Flavor's are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. M'afraid that's about all I can do fer the moment.
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[Engie chuckles at that.]

Then I'll git the chocolate cake ready fer ya ta pick up. How many do ya want?
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[His eyebrows shoot up.]

Your brother's got a mighty big sweet tooth. Make sure he brushes his teeth later, or he'll get cavities.
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That so?

[Engie chuckles.]

Well, you can tell'im later when he has ta go ta the dentist that you warned'im.
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Heh, well, just come by later! I'll have'em all ready fer ya by...let's say three?