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Susan Sto Helit ([personal profile] inthebones) wrote in [community profile] mayfield_rpg2012-02-13 06:57 pm

What is this Feeling?

[action, 726 Anderson Lane]
She detested flowers.
...Alright, no, she didn't, but everyone seemed to expect that she ought to, so she never really had much to do with them.  When they appear in the house, though, it seems quite clear that town hijinks are on the verge of occurring again.

As if she would put up with that.

The flowers reappear the next hour.  And the next.  And the next.  By the time Susan is setting them on fire and stomping on them with her foot, she has finally begun to realize that a very odd scent is invading her senses.

.......No.  Absolutely not.  This was almost as bad as last year; this was downright insulting.  There was no possible way she --

And then she is ironing Edward's suits with a strange coloration on her cheeks and a voice at the back of her head screaming in perpetual agony.  What a lovely shade of green this was.]

Does anyone have any cake molds in the shape of a question mark?  No?  Just thought I'd ask.  ...What about green food coloring?

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