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Blueprints 009

Action: 1450 Mitchell Road

[Look who's got a bouquet of iris in his hands, looking slightly lost and confused. The sweet smell of the flower permeates through the kitchen as Engie rubs his temples with one hand. Speak with him, y/n?]

Town / Bakery

[The effects of the iris continue to plague Engie as he heads to work. However, along the way he encounters carnations, and they start to work their magic on Engie.

Please state whether you'd like to speak to Engie under the influence of the iris flowers, or the carnations.]
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Bakery, and dealer's choice

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Hey, Engie! I'm needing some savories for tonight. I lucked into some mint, and the store had limes, so mojitos at the house this evening. You and your housemates are invited, too!
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Thank you, Engie. I appreciate the compliment, considering the excellent source.

[ She looks at him curiously. ]

Are you feeling all right?

[ Leaning forward across the shorter case, she places her fingers lightly on his cheek. ]
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You should be careful...

[ She smiles, and backs away from the counter. ]

Someone who can't see that you're bonded to another might take the compliment the wrong way.

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Bakery and carnations, unless Engie has any burning secret feelings toward Ema...?

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[Bakeries mean baked goods, and baked goods are delicious. Ema's decided to stop by and pick up a cake or something for Enigma, herself, Edward, and Edward's family. Despite yesterday's tabletop trainwreck (or in some cases, due to it), she figures with the holiday tomorrow she should do something nice.

Plus, she wants cake.]

Oh, hey there. I didn't realize you worked here.
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[Ema gives him a smile, although her brow furrows a bit in confusion.]

What I mean to you?
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Bakery (Carnations)

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(Have a "Civilian" while I try to determine what to do with Sniper. He's mostly just poking about the store, checking out the wares.)
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That's just the flowers talking :P

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(It takes all of his self control to not bust out laughing at Mother-Hen!Engineer.)

All of these things look wonderful. What would you recommend?

((OOC: Would you also like Spy to be under the influence?))
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Random.org'd white daisies twice, must be destiny

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(He adjusts the white daisy on his lapel--he'd found it on his doorstep and couldn't resist tucking it there--and beams.)

That's very generous of you. Thanks.

They should go on a date

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Bakery / Iris

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[Cain had just popped in for the usual doughnut he bought his brother, but... why hadn't he considered just how important Engie was getting to him? Beaming at the older man, he waved.]

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[The attention makes a warm feeling spread across his chest, and he hurries to obey to sit down.]

School was good, we're growing seeds with Mr. Spain.
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Tomato seeds! If you like, you can have some when they ripen, I'd be glad to give you some.

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[Holiday? What holiday? GLaDOS has been avoiding the world again and is grading papers in the living room.]

Failure. Failure....

Wheatley level failure....
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That would be because I am a machine.

What do you want? If you're going to be drunk can you do it in the next room?

[She had a not!husband who got drunk a lot before.]
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Yes, which is why I suspect you're drunk.

It's not magic it's science. Which is better.

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